Héctor {Martínez Alonso}

My research interests are centered on lexical semantics, dependency syntax, semi-supervised learning and linguistic annotation.
You can contact me at hector DOT martinez DOT a AT gmail DOT com or at my LinkedIn profile.

Data and tools

  • Regpol The regular-polysemy datasets in English, Danish and Spanish from my doctoral dissertation, and the Danish supersense-annotated SemDax corpus, as well as a supersense tagger trained from it.
  • I have been involved in the conversion of the Catalan, Danish and Spanish treebanks of Universal Dependencies UD.
  • Here is also the unsupervised dependency parser for UD from EACL’17.
  • In my fairly messy github contributions you can find smalltools, a collection of little Python scripts, including a bootstrap-sample significance tester which keeps coming in handy.


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